6 comments on Just For You.

I LOVE your mixes! They make my day!


This is just relevant to what I'm feeling. Definitely one of my favorite mixes -- I absolutely love every song! ⸗●ᴗ●⸗

Enver Yigit

Thanks. it's nice to hear from you ! ^^

Ale Bonita

This is such a great mix... You have great taste in music!

Enver Yigit

Thank you for your compliments Nespin ! ^^


This is an amazing mix, I love it, we have the same taste in music. Definitely like a mix I'd make.

Enver Yigit

What a nice ! Im going to listen your music mix ^^


Love this mix, it basically sums up my relationship right now. Good job!!

Enver Yigit

How nice ! Im so happy for u. Thanks. ^^