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made in f r a n c e (part II)
missaurora missaurora
739   48min (20 tracks)
listen to part I: http://8tracks.
March 12, 2015 made in f r a n c e (part II)
Age of Consent
MissPhillips MissPhillips
424   20min (8 tracks)
That Paris exists and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me.
March 27, 2012 Age of Consent
c'est l'amour
meera9513 meera9513
1,748   (11 tracks)
paris it is then!.
December 23, 2012 c'est l'amour
Hooray for the yé-yé girls!
slowfasthazel slowfasthazel
622   22min (12 tracks)
Twelve tracks celebrating French yé-yé music from the 1960s.
May 03, 2011 Hooray for the yé-yé girls!
Ye-Ye in English
sdreyfus sdreyfus
293   14min (10 tracks)
English versions and covers of songs sung by french ye-ye singers.
May 05, 2013 Ye-Ye in English
On était jeunes, on était fous
dizzytea dizzytea
339   29min (13 tracks)
For the young, for the fool, for Paris in 50s.
March 20, 2014 On était jeunes, on était fous
Sugar Town
creepchic creepchic
692   12min (17 tracks)
All I want I want to hear is a little bit of heaven.
October 30, 2012 Sugar Town
verlitas verlitas
139   25min (8 tracks)
Finally returned after a year long absence.
November 29, 2013 Absence