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Now Playing: Route 666
mugseroni mugseroni
"Apocalypse is a frame of mind," [Nicodemus] said then.
March 25, 2015 Now Playing: Route 666
The Mountain Between
duckay duckay
106   48min (11 tracks)
Love is a battlefield.
March 23, 2015 The Mountain Between
satanizer satanizer
229   55min (15 tracks)
a mix for a demon who just wants to have his fun with humankind, the majority of it is meant to have a dark/eerie feel to it but I did sneak in a coupl...
March 16, 2015 GO BACK TO SLEEP.
a devil dressed as a man
capitains capitains
1,778   (12 tracks)
"but this man.
February 15, 2015 a devil dressed as a man
Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
510   (25 tracks)
February 19, 2015 Depravity
i want to hurt you
injuredjaw injuredjaw
310   34min (10 tracks)
creepy songs of madness, violence, and wrath.
March 15, 2015 i want to hurt you
I thought you were the sweetest kill
kaylee49 kaylee49
a mellow-ish HideKane playlist full of pain, angst, sadness with a dash of sexy.
February 19, 2015 I thought you were the sweetest kill
{E N D L E S S  G R O W T H}
thecakeisalive thecakeisalive
13   37min (8 tracks)
the entropy will only i n c r e a s e ART CREDIT: http://mallius.
March 26, 2015 {E N D L E S S  G R O W T H}
crazy in love
lurkerwolf lurkerwolf
for serial killer, vampire lovers with no humanity left in them.
March 14, 2015 crazy in love