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Hip-Hop Poetry. Real Talk.
Solutions.McGhee Solutions.McGhee
491   34min (8 tracks)
fed up with all the lyrical falsities of popular modern hip-hop? Well, some rappers out there are keeping it real.
October 31, 2011 Hip-Hop Poetry. Real Talk.
212   27min (8 tracks)
November 26, 2013 110+
Outer Space
erincross erincross
240   59min (14 tracks)
Have you ever been to outerspace? No? Well it goes kinda like this!!!!! WEEBLE Wobble!.
February 10, 2012 Outer Space
Hip Hop: The Deep Verses
someuglycunt someuglycunt
5,763   1hr 26min (40 tracks)
Hip Hop with a real message.
March 16, 2012 Hip Hop: The Deep Verses