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Skate to Create
All you need is love All you need is love
356   1hr 29min (21 tracks)
We all live amid surfaces, and the true art is to skate well on them.
February 13, 2015 Skate to Create
skate tunes.
justbandsandvans justbandsandvans
2,195   (9 tracks)
just a mix of upbeat songs including The Dirty Heads, Kid Cudi, Down With Webster, The Wombats, and more for all those vans wearing cali kids.
December 15, 2012 skate tunes.
cold nights
fvhdvh fvhdvh
// summer nights, empty streets, broken lights.
August 24, 2014 cold nights
cdbsk cdbsk
1,290   1hr 0min (20 tracks)
Takin' it back to Woodland Hills, CA '99.
April 23, 2012 .warehouse
blaze babe
camin0 camin0
931   14min (13 tracks)
July 19, 2014 blaze babe
Lakai's Fully Flared Soundtrack
alexcost alexcost
521   1hr 53min (27 tracks)
Songs from the Lakai skate video Fully Flared.
May 29, 2011 Lakai's Fully Flared Soundtrack
Life is a lot like skateboarding
sleepinginsomniac sleepinginsomniac
2,422   1hr 50min (31 tracks)
didnt let me put more of Blink 182 -.
March 19, 2013 Life is a lot like skateboarding
shred till you're dead
maybeyoureright maybeyoureright
48   45min (13 tracks)
a mix to slightly express the love I hold for skater boys and the comfort I feel toward the sound a board rolling over the gravel creates.
March 01, 2015 shred till you're dead
skate away
wewereonlykidsthen wewereonlykidsthen
326   27min (9 tracks)
listen to this while skating.
March 14, 2014 skate away
In the Middle of Summer
jedgogola13 jedgogola13
423   1hr 15min (20 tracks)
No matter what you do this summer, whether you drive, skate, swim, fall in love, or what, you'll need music to accompany you!.
April 28, 2013 In the Middle of Summer
where is my mind?
lovelikewar lovelikewar
2,942   27min (8 tracks)
good music.
October 08, 2014 where is my mind?
get your skates and lets go
skyartist skyartist
392   46min (15 tracks)
just a little mix that i thought of while skating the other day.
April 12, 2014 get your skates and lets go