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Over and over
catcheshire catcheshire
My most favorite songs, eternal companions in my playlist.
March 11, 2015 Over and over
pascsylvester pascsylvester
1,415   (15 tracks)
“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.
February 23, 2015 Vagabond
lock & key
sunflows sunflows
4,222   33min (10 tracks)
oh what a shame.
March 06, 2015 lock & key
The great,big,amazing indie playlist
goldspot goldspot
17   2hr 21min (40 tracks)
Whether you're happy, sad, mellow or mad.
March 30, 2015 The great,big,amazing indie playlist
favorite record
_hc _hc
1,573   (13 tracks)
songs that put me in a good mood.
March 06, 2015 favorite record
good songs for bad people
Mxckk.thxmpsxn Mxckk.thxmpsxn
3,087   (14 tracks)
songs for when you want to forget the world exists .
February 16, 2015 good songs for bad people
Book of Exodus
windprince windprince
24   20min (10 tracks)
March 27, 2015 Book of Exodus
I wish I didn't care about anything
alyssahugs alyssahugs
53   2hr 31min (44 tracks)
"If this was us meeting for the first time, I'd do it all again.
March 22, 2015 I wish I didn't care about anything
regular miracles *・゚✧*:・゚✧
actionalien actionalien
i didn't know i was lonely until i saw your face // i wanna get better - playlist for my sweet friend isa.
March 07, 2015 regular miracles *・゚✧*:・゚✧
we gaze at each other like prey
alightershadeofpale alightershadeofpale
i want to be pressed tightly in-between all the darkest parts of you.
March 04, 2015 we gaze at each other like prey
neon trees neon trees
2,985   22min (8 tracks)
an alternative/electronic kinda mix.
February 23, 2015 #000000