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madhatterz madhatterz
1   2hr 20min (29 tracks)
A playlist for you, Ella.
April 25, 2015 Pure Class
froesecynthia-525 froesecynthia-525
2   7min (8 tracks)
This is a mix of some of my favourite genres and songs of those genres.
April 25, 2015 Favourites
wichitafalls wichitafalls
2   1hr 17min (16 tracks)
a playlist with my favourite pieces of classical music i use to study with.
April 25, 2015 Aria
Mioumezawa Mioumezawa
1   51min (11 tracks)
When you feel like it.
April 25, 2015 Classical Music :)
nibelle nibelle
4   54min (10 tracks)
"I really apreciate a good classical song.
April 24, 2015 Moonlight
moon-crater moon-crater
7   1hr 27min (21 tracks)
Dark and melancholy, mysterious and dramatic, she descends the grand staircase and bewitches all who see her with detached elegance.
April 24, 2015 A shadow of grace
arobellas arobellas
9   12min (8 tracks)
heav·en·ly: sublime; delightful; enchanting.
April 25, 2015 en béatitude.
kira song kira song
4   1hr 40min (17 tracks)
The Maiden: Pass me by! Oh, pass me by! Go, fierce man of bones! I am still young! Go, rather, And do not touch me.
April 24, 2015 Death and the Maiden
tokkio tokkio
17   27min (9 tracks)
the perfect background music for a still, quiet day music that plays in empty classrooms when the sun hits the desks in a sad way.
April 25, 2015 daylife
tjee tjee
3   1hr 39min (21 tracks)
Sit back and listen!!.
April 24, 2015 Introspect
etoilesdust etoilesdust
0   1hr 34min (22 tracks)
"Some times no words are needed, just you and the sound of the violins.
April 24, 2015 Secret Messages