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Awesome Sauce
patrickmahan patrickmahan
165   23min (21 tracks)
These 21 tracks are full of awesome sauce.
April 30, 2011 Awesome Sauce
We were young, darling!
reverieriot reverieriot
15 upbeat tracks from artists like M83, Small Black, and The Strokes to help your day get better.
January 05, 2012 We were young, darling!
Idea of Happiness
denquinton denquinton
419   (15 tracks)
Music from Van She, The Colourist, Sun City, and more.
August 19, 2013 Idea of Happiness
breathing in smoke
ilmomarv ilmomarv
Eight tracks including music by Florence and The Machine, Marina and The Diamonds, and Oh No!.
January 07, 2015 breathing in smoke
New Wave Revival
anewdawnfades anewdawnfades
A danceable mix of current indie bands enamored with the retro sound of 80's new wave.
September 11, 2011 New Wave Revival
Electro/Synth-Pop/Rock Indie, Wow..
DJOeysteR DJOeysteR
122   55min (24 tracks)
The sounds of the future, throw in a few indies, and a bit of intsruments.
May 31, 2013 Electro/Synth-Pop/Rock Indie, Wow..
Stellar Drift
futureagerenegade futureagerenegade
1,383   44min (29 tracks)
inner starbeams; beneath trascendent eyelids on a neon-lined night.
October 15, 2012 Stellar Drift
Magnified Sheens
futureagerenegade futureagerenegade
23 tracks of 2012 streams warbling through sound dreams in rainbow sheens of thoughts and the seemingness of what seems.
December 28, 2012 Magnified Sheens
Jupiter Mansion
futureagerenegade futureagerenegade
205   7min (14 tracks)
born from slices of air and visionary journeys through the future architecture of pseudodream space let pretensions dissolve in the faded fog of your ...
October 17, 2012 Jupiter Mansion
Brass Knuckle Unicorn
futureagerenegade futureagerenegade
116   18min (20 tracks)
Groggy groove, sidewalk strolling in an alternate universe; faded mania; galloping inbetween worlds.
October 01, 2012 Brass Knuckle Unicorn