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bang bang
sabgoguen sabgoguen
600   (18 tracks)
stay noided.
January 08, 2015 bang bang
foggy dreams
babyblueberries babyblueberries
97   22min (7 tracks)
dancing in the kitchen.
February 16, 2015 foggy dreams
smokey taboo
kalinascope kalinascope
1,483   (9 tracks)
cover art by http://www.
July 25, 2014 smokey taboo
Lost In Tho(ugh)t
spacetesticles spacetesticles
41   50min (18 tracks)
This week's playlist is a compilation of some new tunes, and a few older songs.
March 06, 2015 Lost In Tho(ugh)t
emilywesner emilywesner
1,006   1hr 5min (18 tracks)
all I wanna see is 1080p, but reality keep me on 240.
January 02, 2015 GTB SB
Fat Raps Kool Aid n Memories
21 tracks including music by Big Sean, Chuck Inglish, Chip tha Ripper, Dom Kennedy & Asher Roth, MGMT, Domo Genesis of Odd Future.
February 12, 2011 Fat Raps Kool Aid n Memories
Top 10 Controversial Pieces of Music
Deathinteresse Deathinteresse
180   35min (10 tracks)
You want to take a peek at those.
October 20, 2011 Top 10 Controversial Pieces of Music
kushmaster666 kushmaster666
270   20min (12 tracks)
idk what this is but it sucks.
January 15, 2015 quarterly
Seems Like...
spacetesticles spacetesticles
A true 8 track mix that will be bound to fucking soothe you into the depths of tranquility.
March 06, 2015 Seems Like...
midnight burn run
kickingsandcastles kickingsandcastles
276   (9 tracks)
drive fast, smoke weed, dont give a fuck.
June 28, 2011 midnight burn run
Under the Radar, Above the Game.
BoKvde BoKvde
Slept on tracks, that will have you hitting repeat all day long.
January 09, 2012 Under the Radar, Above the Game.
They Came With The Crows
tibpson tibpson
188   39min (16 tracks)
Jazzy rap songs and rappy jazz songs and some things a little bit nastier.
April 24, 2012 They Came With The Crows