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tesss tesss
1,422   34min (13 tracks)
Kush got the room smelling like teen spirit.
April 13, 2011 KUSHY
theycallmenahoj theycallmenahoj
4,399   1hr 1min (20 tracks)
21 tracks to get ya going! some artists include; Tyga, 3LAU, J.
February 11, 2012 work it out!
vinnayy vinnayy
204   33min (9 tracks)
All your favorite songs melted together to make a storm of a playlist! Eleven tracks including music by Britney Spears, Drake, and Two Door Cinema...
July 03, 2011 Mashed Up Potatoes
tesss tesss
579   14min (9 tracks)
“The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk, they're sober.
March 21, 2011 Happy St. Natty's Day
pacmanjonas pacmanjonas
1,428   52min (17 tracks)
Mash-ups that you don't have and need.
February 11, 2011 Innovative Mashups Part 2.0
tesss tesss
881   34min (9 tracks)
“An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young” -- Oscar Wilde Eleven tracks including music by Adele, Big Sean ft.
April 30, 2011 Shake 'n Bake
tesss tesss
448   28min (11 tracks)
An optimist is the human personification of spring.
March 11, 2011 Spring, Sprang, Sprung.
hannahaugust hannahaugust
807   33min (9 tracks)
mix of my favorite songs atm.
October 20, 2013 Fall 2k13
dreamingintothenight dreamingintothenight
5,600   32min (8 tracks)
All your favourite pop songs mashed up with some rap ones! inspired by this: http://8tracks.
August 28, 2014 POP MEETS RAP
comeback__kid comeback__kid
1,076   24min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks, and Childish Gambino.
May 31, 2012 We Ain't Them
cdashley cdashley
6,640   2hr 13min (50 tracks)
55 magical mashes including music by Top Flight, Super Mash Bros, and DJ Bahler.
December 08, 2010 i only like my potates mashed.
fastalice fastalice
843   34min (8 tracks)
Some songs are actually better when they are remixed.
January 15, 2012 Remix.