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No Remote Needed IV
LCD316 LCD316
24   19hr 4min (300 tracks)
After 3 platinum mixes this series is back for a 4th time.
March 21, 2015 No Remote Needed IV
Weird Boy.
malisse malisse
4   38min (11 tracks)
You poor, unfortunate soul.
March 19, 2015 Weird Boy.
The Games
shono5hole shono5hole
489   2hr 0min (38 tracks)
Mix of hard rock, metalcore, alternative rock, post hardcore, and metal designed for shredding WODs.
March 20, 2015 The Games
Jared's Garage
iPixelitei iPixelitei
9   1hr 25min (19 tracks)
Competitor: Jared Hernandez Location: Jared's personal work station.
March 19, 2015 Jared's Garage
Metalic Symphony
ThrandysBoy ThrandysBoy
40   32min (13 tracks)
Some hits from great orchestral metal bands with some rock mixed in.
March 17, 2015 Metalic Symphony
Female rock vocals
Tanda.Kon.Arakawa Tanda.Kon.Arakawa
Best of female rock artists.
March 18, 2015 Female rock vocals
Japanese mix
dead_soul dead_soul
35   52min (12 tracks)
a japanese mix.
March 19, 2015 Japanese mix
gaming mix by mario :D #1
mario.hellrider mario.hellrider
74   2hr 33min (37 tracks)
Seven tracks including music by El_KreepO, Guitar Hero ®, and Joe Hernandez 17.
March 17, 2015 gaming mix by mario :D #1
Metal Fairytales
Maria Nikolaevna Maria Nikolaevna
13   49min (11 tracks)
March 17, 2015 Metal Fairytales
70 Heavy Cover Songs
my name is craig my name is craig
148   4hr 53min (70 tracks)
All cover songs by hard rock and metal bands like Metallica, FearFactory, Godsmack, Ozzy, Korn, Rage, 5FDP, PM5K, Manson, GnR, and more.
March 16, 2015 70 Heavy Cover Songs
Fuel Rage
pretzellina pretzellina
70   39min (13 tracks)
43 minutes of rage.
March 18, 2015 Fuel Rage
svartadraken svartadraken
14   2hr 44min (45 tracks)
Something to relax with and escape the world into.
March 13, 2015 DenSvartaDraken