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Time for a Fat Sesh
bertomurphy bertomurphy
14,991   35min (60 tracks)
60 Tracks of the best Hip Hop and a little reggae to smoke a fat bowl to.
March 23, 2012 Time for a Fat Sesh
make it count
kidcomrade kidcomrade
347   36min (9 tracks)
"Every day full of excitement and luxury, that'd be the life! Everything in its right place.
August 04, 2013 make it count
old school hip-hop
UFC_Shanda UFC_Shanda
195   31min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Down South, Outkast, and Paperboy.
June 09, 2011 old school hip-hop
recliner rap
silvestah silvestah
287   1hr 49min (26 tracks)
collection of laid back rap tracks.
February 04, 2011 recliner rap
Chill jams ..The Chill Out Mix
diction.u diction.u
6   2hr 41min (54 tracks)
laid back hiphop,jazz,soul,R&B .
February 25, 2015 Chill jams ..The Chill Out Mix
Some dope ass beats Vol.2
angelcrack angelcrack
720   (74 tracks)
50 tracks including music by 9 Lazy 9, Ratatat, Alias and more.
June 26, 2011 Some dope ass beats Vol.2
Keeping the 'Mix' in Mixtape #4
Petraeus Petraeus
81   20min (8 tracks)
01/29/12 to 02/04/12: Need something different? This mix is for you! We all absorb a lot of music.
February 04, 2012 Keeping the 'Mix' in Mixtape #4
Quantum Physics
cabmusic cabmusic
555   (99 tracks)
A tacky mixture of music that may make you think, "What the fuck am I listening to!?", and "Gee! This is a great song!" Hoping for more of the latter t...
November 01, 2012 Quantum Physics
Nerdcore Hiphop
cjcoppola cjcoppola
324   17min (9 tracks)
Geek out to tracks including music by Benefit, MC Chris and MC Frontalot.
March 28, 2009 Nerdcore Hiphop
manuc manuc
2,169   34min (9 tracks)
Twelve tracks including music by A Tribe Called Quest, Common Feat.
April 11, 2010 baduizm
Soul Divas
Diégó Monferro Panza Diégó Monferro Panza
1,986   1hr 30min (20 tracks)
20 Tracks Neo Soul Mixtape incl - Jaguar Wright,Julie Dexter,Lucy Pearl Cover - Quincy Jones & Sarah Source - http://blackhistoryalbum.
March 12, 2013 Soul Divas
Californicate - Part One
csdonohoe csdonohoe
865   57min (19 tracks)
To quote The Clash, should I stay or should I rock the casbah?.
April 12, 2012 Californicate - Part One