Sixteen tracks including music by Pretty Lights, Mansions on The Moon, and MiMOSA. Whether you're trying to chill or get pumped up, this track will do the trick. For fans of Pretty Lights music. If you've never heard of them, there is no other way to describe their triply music. Just listen, and as always, enjoy.

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thanks so much!! killer mix of all my favs! keep making and I'll keep listening!




Super happy funtime with the awesome. Other generic music/inspired by comment. Will be back to this one again!


3000 words written in 3 hours - and this playlist on constant loop. Cheers ;-)


Thank you, I'm glad I could help! I still plan on making a second one for everyone to enjoy too :)


yes, glimpse of the future.. never thought i'd see the day when anyone else listened to it other than me. you're awesome.


Haha thank you :) And it's great!


pure funk. the tracks i didn't already have on my ipod are gonna be there by the end of the day.

keep bringing the fire.


Lovin' the mix, but Pretty Lights is just one guy (Derek), it's the lights that are many.


Thanks! I wasn't sure, when I saw him in concert, he had two other people with him doing different stuff. Maybe they were just helping or something, Idk! But now I do, thank you!


That was probably Big Gigantic, with Dom on Sax and I think the drummer's name is Justin. Another pretty sick act (though not a personal favorite). They open up for a lot of these bands, especially STS9, and usually play a song or two on stage at some point.


Back in the day, before Derek blew up and became one of the biggest names in dance/electro/whatever, Pretty Lights was actually 2 people, there was a drummer as part of the mix. Sometime around late 2008, I wanna say, Derek was basically like "Pretty Lights is ME", and that was the end of that. So, depending on when you saw him/them, that could be why as well.


MiMOSA for the win. but seriously man sick tracks, sick mix of great music, put in some time and make part 2 please, cuz this list keep's me going all night! Thanks!


Thank you! & In due time, :]