my favorite composers from favorite cultural period where intertwined heaven and earth, low and high, real and magic. essential well-famous and unknown baroque tunes including Johann Sebastian Bach, Arcangelo Corelli and William Lawes.

baroque mirrors

*cover Ernst Deger. Portrait of a Young Woman

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so far this has been the only playlist that could calm my nerves after a particularly stressful day. thank you kmysko for your wonderful taste in music :)

This is EXCELLENT. Thank you so much for this. BTW, have you ever seen the epitaph written to William Lawes after he was killed by the government?

"Will. Lawes was slain by such whose wills were laws."

wow! interesting fact. thank you for careful listening and this useful thing about one of the greatest baroque composers!

this reminds me when i was a primary schooler and i had to go to a little popular library near home where classical music, like this one, was listened all afternoon long.... great concentrated moments, and much valuable knowledge acquired...thx

very nice story! wish I had the same story. I'm sure that every library must create classical mixes for good and right concentration. thanks for your words!