A mix for when you can't seem to focus on your work or you just need a little more motivation. Stay concentrated and focused! Great mix to listen to while studying for finals!

P.S … when you're done listening check out Concentration Part 2 & 3
Thanks :)

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once per week, i listen to it lol. plz don't alter it. the cover of wicked game is a success... the person doing this is amazing... thank you for this mix

I listen to this track every time I'm studying or writing or trying to concentrate. This is one of my top favorites... I'm a violinist and pianist so I love the instrumentals in all of these :)
Libby… so incredible. Thank you thank you thank you!

<3 Jackie

"Hey Libby ,
Your 8Tracks playlists are amazing! Especially this one. I'm working at a company that manages musical artists and we’d like to work with you. I'd love to keep you updated on our new releases, invite you to shows, maybe even set up meet & greets with our artists when they're in your town. If interested, please msg me back at eliana_intern@deckstar.com and we'll discuss further.
Also sent you a tweet.
Rock on,
p.s. my great grandma who I'm named after is named Libby!