The name of the mix pretty much says it all ... try it

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This playlist is beautiful, well deserved of the many likes :)


this playlist inspired one of mine:


This playlist was the reason I joined 8tracks. I've gotten through a lot of stress, and my everyday routine listening to 8tracks. I'm thankful for what this playlist has done for me.

Soothing yet powerful -- just awesome


After years and years i still love this mix


Every night this is what I listen to


This has been my favorite playlist since 7th grade and now it is 12th grade and I am going to be graduating this year. So many memories, and it seems like this has been the soundtrack through everything. Nothing so perfectly summarizes my teenage angst than this playlist, I can just hear all the verses weaving in and out of my memories. I can't thank you enough for making it. I will always come back to this. It makes me cry to think of how much I have grown and changed. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in a tree developing superior complexes because I wore dirty converse, while listening to this song. Now I am sitting in my room crying, and thanking God that somethings never change, while listening to this playlist. I know this is stupid to be confessing all of this, but this playlist really means a lot to me, and I am so glad you made it. I am also glad that I had good taste in music in 7th grade or else I never would've been able to enjoy this.


@honestfox this was such a cute comment until that last sentence


@honestfox Thanks for sharing that :). It makes me really happy to know this simple playlist could have such an impact ;)


i love the kooks tbh !!! all of these songs i already know so, great playlist