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Ladies and Gentlemen you are cordially invited to The Gallery’s first showing Please drop by anytime. We are open 247365. Also we are looking for more exhibits so please feel free to curate your own. Make sure to hit follow and enjoy the show!! Please feel free to comment and take a piece for your desk top at no charge.
Address: http://8tracks.com/the-gallery
The Gallery

btw... have been listening to DueWets lately... and since you encourage for collab in your bio.. would be awesome to get you on board for my first DueWet^^

yes, absolutely! drop me an email nokdeez at gmail dot com and let's put something delicious together. Also as Fly Moon Royalty are some friends in Seattle who recently got signed to Sportin' Life I'm glad you dig it as much as I do.

This good, fun. Definitely wish I was: "on porches, dancing outside and particularly dope when chillin with your best friends." But its making for a good start to the day! =)