Waddup guys. Sam here again and I have just started my first big set of exams, so please, if i am late in replying, it is not because i don't want to, its cus im sitting in an exam hall zoned out somewhere.

Anyway, what have i got for you today. We have some Rameses B, Azedia and an artist new to me, but now treasured, Owsey. So chill, and let this playlist take you away somewhere nicer.

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Bam & Sam-- you are the best djs I have found on 8tracks. I almost can't listen to anything else. thank you!!! xxx

Sam Lost In The Cosmos

made my day reading that, and just for you, im going to put out another mix tonight! thanks again! xxx (sam)


the 'chills' playlists are great. alot of sheepy uploads.

Sam Lost In The Cosmos

course, love ourselves some sheepy :)


ill try :D as long as you keep making sexy mixes like this


i love that series the game of thrones im learning it on violin:))))

Sam Lost In The Cosmos

thats sweet! send us a recording when your done


very nice! thanks 我很喜欢


if it gets anymore chill you'd think you're in an iceage


Metaphi is the artist for Lloyds tsb advert.

Sam Lost In The Cosmos

thank you, will update


you are two amazing lads keep putting up great mixes

Sam Lost In The Cosmos

we shall always keep putting them up if you guys want them.. but thank you ... sam