I just added a mix of songs for a day you just want to lie in bed and take yourself away from the world for a while. This mix includes Damien Rice, Angus & Julia Stone, Regina Spector, City and Color, ect...

Is this playlist safe for work?
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J'adore x

I think out of the 42,192 plays this mix has gotten, about 42,191 of them have been me. Joking, but truly LOVE this!!! Listen to it daily.

hello!! i'm not sure if you're sending this mix or not, but i particularly like it for late night work sessions. {i'm a student at american} if you are sending it, would you be able to send it to me? ccollentine139@aol.com if you don't mind :3


hey did she send it to you? if so can you send it to me at nmorris93@gmail.com! Thanks so much :)