David Choi

I love you so much, you are my closest friend, you are my rock, the light of my life; Please don't find someone else, please don't leave me, you are my...
July 23, 2015
9   33min (11 tracks)
Cute songs sung by dudes that aren't about sex because honestly eff that shiz I'd rather want someone to sing me some really cute song instead of that ...
July 28, 2015
28   1hr 9min (21 tracks)
feel good music, bouncy energetic music, random kpop suddenly?? no lie i was kinda tempted to slip in a really messed up song somewhere halfway throug...
July 18, 2015
288   32min (11 tracks)
You know those nights when you just want to forget everything? Who you are, where you come from, where you're heading to.
June 14, 2015
104   15min (13 tracks)
you fall in love with his laughter and his edges and the words on his tongue that pump energy into your bloodstream, and yet you try to deny.
June 28, 2015