12" dub versions of dance tracks from the 80s, all sourced from the original vinyl.

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519    56min (9 tracks)
5 comments on Rare 12 inch dubs of 1980s Disco, Freestyle, and New Wave



Vinyl is vinyl, they have SOUL !!!!
No magnetics, no bits, just scratchin' the needle and the good vibrations...Nothing compare to this !!
Sitting here listening to these gems in my old stereo connected to the notebook, closing my eyes and imagining the needle running thru the black vinyl on the plate...
Thanks for these great moments, Oddfather !!
God bless you and your very fine good music taste, man !!!

The Oddfather

Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! I can't overstate how much it means to me to hear such positive comments about my mixes. Thanks again for listening!

The Oddfather

Thank you, @or2or3or4! Much appreciated.


I can't believe I just found this. Great mix.


another good one