Almost 7 hours of instrumental magic for your favourite nook in the library, couch with a book, or chair at your desk.

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Bless you. I was super depressed before studying today because I felt like I suck at learning Dutch. But I got on with it and the time flew by so quickly with this mix accompanying me.

Been getting a lot of writing done while listening to this mix. Definitely my favourite study playlists. I'm new to tracks, so I was just wondering.. is there a way to see the entire playlist and pick which songs to play?

@sheglows No, but I think that's part of what makes it so great. When I make playlists, I like to put it together in a way that the song before compliments the next and vice versa. Sometimes people put a lot of thought into it.

@NeversayTrevor Yeah I figured that out. But thanks for confirming it. It would be a cool option to be able to see the entire track list though. But I absolutely agree with what you said. Listening to a well put together playlist just adds to entire experience. The effort and time that goes into some of the playlists here is just amazing and much appreciated. Definitely feeling inspired to post an awesome mix of my own.

@sheglows Somebody posted the track list for all four playlists on google docs. Enjoy!

Two years later and I am still listening to this play list to get me through readings, assignments and essays! In love with this playlist and honestly won't listen to anything else. Lots of love for you and the playlist!

@mcwroxusa Hello! It's actually an image of the old Library of Cincinnati, a stunning place that now only exists in photos. Tragic, I would have moved in permanently if it were still operational