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Ultimate Study Playlist I

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This is fantastic! This has been particularly helpful with my studying for my Romantic Era Lit. midterm. The music fits the atmosphere of these poems and novels so wonderfully.

I've tried other study playlists and they're /okay/ but this one is my go-to. Currently helping me get through my stats homework!

I've completed the majority of my first AND second year university work with this playlist as my background noise. Flawless!

i think i've subconsciously conditioned myself to work well to this playlist. I've been struggling all semester to complete papers, and now i have 4 essays and exam in the next 5 days and im at my wits end. I remembered this playlist, and put it on and immediately i banged out 300 words in the first 2 songs. i owe this playlist my sanity...and probably my university degree