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Ultimate Study Playlist I

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It has become such a disaster now that I need to listen via youtube :-( It matches many of the songs to the wrong videos, or they are not there at all. @TheGirlNamedJedrzejko , could you make the playlist on Spotify maybe? Or something alike? I really miss the music.

Please upload to Spotify. I have been listening since my Freshman year in gollege (graduated a year ago) and I've never gotten to see the playlist to the end.

THANK YOU for including "Farewell" from the Pocahontas soundtrack! One of my favorites!! I've only heard 10 tracks as I'm studying right now, but this collection sounds like my new favorite! Great job!!

PLEASE TAKE DISCOMBOBULATE OUT. I do not want to be discombobulated as I am in the zooooone studying. PLEASE.