Almost 7 hours of instrumental magic for your favourite nook in the library, couch with a book, or chair at your desk.

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I love this playlist! I never previously thought of studying with classical music, I always thought it would bore me. But I love it, after all - this is one of my favourite playlists. I signed up for 8tracks just to keep track of them. Thank you so much!

LOVE this playlist.. Deep gratitude to you for sharing.. It used to start with a track containing a typewriter.. Used to get me flowing nicely.. Do you remember ? Any chance of letting me know what it was ? Thanks again..

Thank you so much! I've been listening to all your playlists since my second year in university. The music took me by the hand every single year over and over again, and now it's time to graduate. Can't imagine studying without your playlists ever since!

Love this playlist! I have to be honest though - hearing Latika's theme threw me off a bit because I'm studying Slumdog Millionaire in my English class. Otherwise, great playlist and it's really helping me get through my History assignment :)