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Ultimate Study Playlist I

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Is there any way you can upload the song/artist names somewhere? With the new limit, there's no way I can listen to this playlist in it's entirity. It's helped me through school and tough times!

Have been using 8tracks for years but now it only limits to 2 hours :( Could you perhaps share the list of songs as 8tracks doesn't allow you to see all 82 tracks.

I DID IT! After listening to this playlist for nearly 5 years, I finally had a marathon long enough to finish it in one go! xD Love this playlist

It has become such a disaster now that I need to listen via youtube :-( It matches many of the songs to the wrong videos, or they are not there at all. @TheGirlNamedJedrzejko , could you make the playlist on Spotify maybe? Or something alike? I really miss the music.

@Sarah_VD @a.nome.della.rosa I'm sorry to hear you both are dealing with that! Strange! I don't have Spotify, but I'll be sure to redo the playlists when I make an account there. Hope you're both well :)

Please upload to Spotify. I have been listening since my Freshman year in gollege (graduated a year ago) and I've never gotten to see the playlist to the end.