The first playlist is finished, but if you still have work to do, here's another almost 6 hours to keep going.

Is this mix safe for work?
197,143    4hr 21min (86 tracks)
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@Titevie It's so frustrating, I'm sorry you're sad about it. I don't have time to keep adding school keeps me busy enough! I promise to make a new playlist every year, so I hope to make them longer and longer so the 8tracks Tax is negligible.

Awesome playlist! But why does it show as 5hr 20 min (86 tracks) when in your comment you mention another almost 7 hours? (just curious about what happened)

@Titevie Oh dear. 8tracks figured out how I renamed songs to include more than 2 tracks by the same artist/album, so I had to delete them. Forgot to change the playlist description. Thanks for noticing!