Adjective: Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average. Do you have the ambition to be great? This is only a tool, greatness lies in your palms.. (please share and follow more coming)

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can you send me a DL link please?


sick gym mix bro


This is an amazing mix. One of the best I've ever heard since joining this website. Thank you!!! How would I be able to download these songs at all?


Great playlist listening to it while working out and even studying, is there anyway you could sent it to me if I give you my email ? Thanks !

Warkos emial , ill send you a code where you can download all the songs


YES! Why does everyone have to put music into the mix with speeches? The speeches are great without the music. Thanks for this man. I did my whole workout to this mix and didn't have to skip a thing. Keep it up.

Warkos, email me what song you would like, with a nice message, and i will be happy to help you out.


Download link! Especially for love like a sunset remix if I could just have that download link?!!

Warkos email me and tell me what song you would like.


genius. :)