What is Dubstep?
1. the music that was created from transformers having sex
2. audio thunder
3. filthier than fingering your sister & finding your dad's wedding ring.

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62,092    13min (14 tracks)
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Full of filthy, filthy, dub step - edness. Very well done, I love your entire filthy series


Great compilation, each track meshes well with the next.


You have a good understanding of dubstep. I've always wondered how you managed to put 218 tracks though and it is only 59 minutes long. I wonder if 8tracks is being silly again.

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if youre going to call a mix filthy dubstep then put some "filthy" dubstep in it, this mix is by far more mellow than filthy. that being said it is still a great mix!


Eh not meant to rub ya the wrong way, but you might be thinking more of brostep (which most of us are still calling dubstep).

Also, "filthy" could be taken more than one way. The filthiness of this playlist isn't as intense and violent as a lot of the more popular stuff out there now, BUT personally, this "filthy" dubstep makes me want to ride and slowly grind. Just sayin...

(and yes, I'm a girl)


that makes sense. I guess its all in the eye of the beholder. haha but I like that you threw it out there that you are a girl. either way this is still a great mix I had forgotten about it for a while until I saw a message in my email from 8tracks so thanks for replying lol


like it.
**pornstep feat. the highbury whores


my mind dropped when the music dropped