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Best of 2015 - K-Indie (sad)


Because losing someone isn't an occasion or an event. It doesn't just happen once. It happens over and over again. I lose you every time I pick up your favorite coffee mug, whenever that one song plays on the radio, or when I discover your old t-shirt at the bottom of my laundry pile.

I lose you every time I think of kissing you, holding you, or wanting you. I go to bed at night and lose you, when I wish I could tell you about my day. And in the morning, when I wake and reach for the empty space across the sheet, I begin to lose you all over again.

—Lang Leav

22 tracks
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I might change the order of the songs, but here's the tracklist:

우주를 건너 백예린 (Yerin Baek (15&))
어깨 소유, 권정열 (Soyou (SISTAR), Kwon Jeong Yeol (10cm))
Don`t Remember d.ear
잠이 올까 (Vocal 성아 of 바닐라 어쿠스틱) 노르웨이 숲 (Norwegian Wood)
카톡하지마 원셋 (1Set)
서른 밤째(with 한올) 새봄(saevom)
That's Why 백예린 (Yerin Baek (15&))
Nobody Knows Standing Egg
우리가 헤어진 이유 한올 (Han All)
잊혀질 듯 해 (Feat. 유림) 프롬유 (From.U)
Dive Ashmute (애쉬뮤트)
Fall 소울라이츠 (Soulights)
First Love (Feat. 김슬기) MuM
If d.ear
소녀 오혁 (Hyukk Oh)
가끔씩 (Vocal 조은희) 노르웨이 숲 (Norwegian Wood)
니가 참 좋다 신의
Mer 혁오 (Hyukoh)
I Try 배드로맨스 (Bad Romance)
모든 게 끝난 그 후 (Remastered) 배드로맨스 (Bad Romance)
공드리 혁오 (Hyukoh)
잘 자 솔튼페이퍼 (SaltNPaper)