8tracks was founded in 2006 by David Porter and launched on 8/8/08 by a small team working nights and weekends in New York, California, and France.



David Porter

David Porter is the CEO and founder of 8tracks. Until 2006, he helped lead Live365, the pioneer of "social" internet radio, achieving profitability in 2005. David wrote the plan for what's now 8tracks during business school at Berkeley, informed in large part by the DJ scene in London of the late 1990s. His favorite band remains New Order.



Rémi Gabillet

Rémi Gabillet is the CTO and co-founder of 8tracks. After growing up and attending engineering school in Paris, Rémi moved to the Silicon Valley in 2003 to work with Live365, where he met David. Remi holds down 8tracks' infrastructure and keeps the team's wild product ideas in check.



Matthew Cieplak

Matthew is 8tracks' product architect for the website. He is also a music producer and DJ in Los Angeles in the year 2033.



Ann Sandoval

Ann has had travel, work and life experiences all over the world and has found her home at the 8tracks loft in San Francisco. As our People & Culture Manager, she leads all HR-related business, keeps daily operations running smoothly and strives to be 8tracks' Happiness Hero! She's solar powered and swears she can't burn, so she prefers to work from her sunlit workstation in the backyard and spend her summers in Ibiza. She's a risk-taker, but is deathly afraid of clowns, cockroaches and life without music.




Michael Lovelady

Michael is a veteran in site optimization and is responsible for SEO and analytics at 8tracks. He is in love with music and spends his free time making beats and standing on his hands. His favorite band is The Roots.


Thomas Ryan

Tom Ryan is the CEO of skinnyCorp, a company that creates online communities and has helped popularize the phenomenon of crowdsourcing. SkinnyCorp's largest community is Threadless, a community-based t-shirt company with an ongoing open-call for design submissions. Prior to SkinnyCorp, Tom served as senior vice president of digital strategy globally at EMI Music. Previously, Tom held roles at Virgin Mobile USA, eMusic, and Cductive (an early digital music retailer that he co-founded and sold to eMusic).


Rags Gupta

Based in London, Raghav "Rags" Gupta is Brightcove's VP of International Partnerships where he handles a number of Brightcove's sales and business development priorities focused on ramping the company's efforts in the UK and EU. He has also been responsible for the Company's music industry relationships. Rags advises investors and startups such as Mocospace and has worked with NPR, kSolo and others in the past. Prior to Brightcove, Rags served as the COO of Live365, the internet radio network.



Kate Imbach

Kate Imbach is the founder/organizer of Mobile Monday Boston, New York and Silicon Valley, and previously worked as VP of Marketing at Skyhook. She had a brief and disenchanting career in government affairs and incidentally holds a MPA from Suffolk University. Her favorite band is Portishead.



Ken Parks

Ken Parks is Chief Content Officer of Spotify and Managing Director of Spotify USA. He's previously served as Senior VP of Strategy and Business Development at EMI and as a senior manager at GetMusic and Reuters Group PLC. Ken earned his law degree from Columbia, and holds a bachelor's in electrical engineering from Lafayette College and a master's in electrical engineering from Lehigh University. He's a Sinatra man.


Kevin Arnold

Founder and CEO of IODA, Kevin guides the growth of one of the largest digital distributors of independent music in the world, combining his dedication to independents and his unique understanding of the digital music world to benefit IODA's global client base. Kevin founded IODA in 2003 after spending time learning about databases at Oracle and guiding the growth and development of online music startup Listen.com. Kevin also directs Noise Pop Industries, which produces San Francisco's internationally renowned Noise Pop Festival, which he founded in 1993, as well as the Treasure Island Music Festival and other Bay Area cultural events.

Tony Zeoli

Tony Zeoli pioneered the broadcasting of DJ mix shows online through his long running, Netmix.com web site. He's managed the development of Internet products for the Epic Records division of Sony Music, 1-800 Flowers, Cablevision Systems Corp., the Associated Press and Entertainment Media Works. In his spare time, Tony rains 3-pointers from the top of the key on his opponents or uses his crossover dribble to drive to the hoop for a left handed lay-up off the glass. When he's not holding court on the hardwood, you can find him anchored to his MacBook Pro, sequencing the latest and greatest tech-house tracks with Ableton Live for his long running Netmix Global House Mix Show.


Dick Huey

Dick launched and led the New Media department at the Beggars Group (XL Recordings, 4AD, Matador Records, Rough Trade) from 1997 to 2001. He licensed the Group’s groundbreaking digital catalog, and set the Group’s strategic direction.

Toolshed, founded by Huey in 2001 in NYC, provides digital strategy, content licensing, and content acquisition consulting for major consumer brands, technology and entertainment companies, and digital music services. Toolshed also provides social media strategy, growth, and grassroots marketing services to an elite client base of over 350 entertainment clients, including The Civil Wars, MNDR, Ani DiFranco, Sufjan Stevens, The Arcade Fire, and Aimee Mann.

He is a founding new media committee member of A2IM, a Future of Music board member, and a nine-year past board member representing Matador Records at Soundexchange. He has held advisory board roles at CASH Music, Tunecore, and RoyaltyShare and has managed the careers of music artists signed to Kill Rock Stars, Simple Machines, Beggars Banquet, and Glitterhouse Records.


Fred McIntyre

Fred McIntyre is a seasoned digital media executive and advisor to startups. McIntyre is currently the Head of Digital [Interim] at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and the former CEO of awe.sm. McIntyre has built his career working as a Senior Executive at CBS, AOL, Last.fm, Winamp, Spinner.com, VIBE & SPIN. McIntyre is also currently an active Advisor to 8tracks, Mixcloud, SoundHound, Unified Social & Union Metrics. McIntyre has done pioneering work in digital content distribution that has helped create and expand the markets for licensed music and video services. McIntyre is a graduate of Duke University.

http://8tracks.com/phredspin https://www.linkedin.com/in/fredmcintyre


James Drake

James was the Director of Sales and responsible for monetizing 8tracks for years, and is now an advisor. He is a former ferry captain, mediocre Wikipedia contributor and appreciates a well timed one-liner. He has seen the Strokes six times live and his favorite show was LCD Soundsystem’s last performance before their faux retirement.




Allison Li

Allison is Manager, Programmatic & Ad Partnerships at 8tracks, raised in SoCal but now residing in NYC. She enjoys traveling, iPhone photography, and food for pleasure. Volleyball is her lifelong passion. She would make it a full time job but unfortunately can't stack up to the Kerry Walshes of the world. Instead she'll stick to trafficking ads and helping grow the company's ad sales business.


Alan Poyer

Alan is the product marketing manager at 8tracks. Hailing from a music background, he’s passionate about the digital media ecosystem and bringing new ideas to life. To feed a voracious appetite for music, you’ll find him concocting mix sets, slow-roasting blog posts, and musicking long after dessert.


Sam Filer

Sam is 8tracks' Director of Finance and Operations and resident Brit. He started out in the industry with Warner Music then worked in London as a CPA then private equity investor before moving to San Francisco to study for his MBA at UC Berkeley. He later worked in product at Zynga and led finance at Life360. Sam is a DJ hobbyist, loves a good kick drum, and has found his spiritual home at 8tracks!


Jesse Haw

Jesse is a Senior Account Executive in Toronto. He helps brands north of the border learn the ins and outs of 8tracks. After finishing art school, he jumped into advertising where he has helped luxury CPG and fashion clients. His taste in music ranges from Nirvana to Nas, Miles Davis to Thievery Corporation. On weekends, you can find him at a local cafe vicariously living through his spirit animal, the sloth.


Orest Nazarewycz

Orest Nazarewycz is a software engineer from Alberta Canada. He lives to build software and absolutely loves every aspect of it. He has a deep appreciation for cinematography and cheesy 80’s action flicks. His music taste is about as random as his last name, you can typically find him listening to anything from 50’s swing to power metal and everything in between.


Gordon Cieplak

Gordon acted as 8tracks' Creative Director and a founding team member. He is an itinerant interactive designer, developer, and cognitive science enthusiast. During odd moments of focus, he and Tyler work on Views.fm. His favorite band is The Radio Dept.



RJ Ciccaglione

RJ worked on product and branding at 8tracks. He has a bike, wants a dog and likes to drink champagne on the airplane.


Garth Poitras

Garth was Director of Mobile at 8tracks. He has development experience on a wide range of platforms and works in user interface design and UX. Garth currently lives in San Francisco and enjoys sports, screen printing, and grilling.


Stephan Florquin

Since picking up HTML at the age of 13, Stephan has acquired experience in a wide variety of domains such as web development, graphics programming, and compilers. Nowadays he spends most of his time doing ActionScript and Flex work, when he's not playing fretless bass or snowboarding that is. Oh yeah, he's also French.



Rich Caetano

Richard Caetano is an international programming gun for hire, presently living in Paris. He led the mobile application development of 8tracks and has been instrumental in both interface design and back-end initiatives.


Juliet Kellogg

Juliet worked as 8tracks' Community Manager. After a couple of years managing social media for an enterprise software company, she realized she would love her job so much more if she could work for a product she was passionate about; luckily she found 8tracks. She spends her days making sure listeners and DJs are as happy as possible, and enjoys finding great clothes at thrift stores, cooking Instagram-worthy food, and brushing up on her Portuguese by listening to Brazilian music (rap when she's up for a challenge).


Corinne Rockoff

Corinne answers email, manages social media, and does other odd jobs for 8tracks. She will eventually have graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, and when she's not working on that she enjoys playing with kittens and listening to indie rock.



Jason Shellen

After leaving Google's New Business Development team in August 2007, Shellen founded Plinky, a seed-stage startup building a social media content encouragement system. As an employee of Pyra Labs, Shellen was part of Google's acquisition of Blogger in 2003. During his tenure at Google, Shellen became the founding product manager of Google Reader and holds patents on feed and social media technologies. Jason Shellen is a member of the RSS Advisory Board and advises a handful of start-ups.


Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones has been active in the fields of interactive branding and UI design since before the Googles. He's overseen the creative implementation of one of the largest dating sites on the internet, the largest newspaper in Denmark, the largest failed cellular provider in the US, and the largest envelope-selling website in the history of mankind (among many, many other projects). You can find him in the club.



Ed Samour

Ed is technology lead in charge of building award-winning Web sites for clients such as Vanity Fair, Ivanka Trump, and Continental Airlines. He brings over ten years of experience building Web applications that emphasize design and modern features to provide a great user experience.



Tyler Love

Tyler lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cat. He is a developer at Tumblr, co-founder of Views.fm with Gordon, and plays guitar and synth in French Miami.



Philip McAllister

Philip McAllister is a mobile developer for 8tracks. Since 1998 he has been building products for Internet based startups. Philip is native Oklahoman, a CS graduate of the University of Tulsa and a recent transplant to Austin, TX. For the past few years his favorite band has been LCD Soundsystem.



Janine Cheviot

Janine handled Client Services for the 8tracks sales team. She lives in Brooklyn, loves music, pizza and California, and wishes she was best friends with Stevie Nicks.


Martin Marconcini

Martin has been developing software for a very long time, from insurance companies to healthcare, where he had to learn the dark arts of dentistry in his own company. After seeing way too many pictures of teeth, and with the launch of the first iPhone SDK, he decided to turn to the mobile side of the force. He lived in Europe for over twelve years in the sunny Spain and now resides in San Francisco where he tries to play guitar and venture into the flight simulation world without much success. Martin worked on the Android application.


Tyrel Williams

Tyrel runs the Customer Support side of things at 8tracks. When he's not helping 8tracks users, he enjoys practicing Kundalini Yoga, DJing out and about, and producing Acid House.


Chris O'Neil

Chris is an iOS engineer hailing from the rubber capital of the world. He enjoys the simple things in life — watching sports with friends, local beer, and spending time with family.


Monica Semergiu


Netto Farah

Netto is the brazilian groove at 8tracks codebase. After a few years fighting architects, managers and some other mystical creatures of the enterprise world, he decided it was about time to write code for something he's really passionate about. The music beats from 8tracks come in handy...

When not working on creative ways to integrate with the latest and greatest partner for 8tracks, Netto will be playing whack-a-mole with bugs on the website so you can always get the music magic. Still working out if he prefers working from San Fran HQ or a glorious South American beach.


Dan Mohler

Dan is a media veteran from LA who built out sales teams for The Weather Channel, Launch/Yahoo and Fandango among others. He is currently consulting for 8tracks, fostering relationships with studios, autos and tech companies. In his spare time Dan is consumed by Lacrosse as a player, a coach, a parent of two boys who play and as President of the LA Chapter of US Lacrosse. In high school Dan was a DJ for parties when Parliament, Brass Construction and the Isley Brothers ruled the dance floor.


Elizabeth Moody

Elizabeth is a digital media executive with years of experience advising large and small digital music and video services. Elizabeth is the Vice President of Content for StreamNation, Inc. Prior to that, Elizabeth was the Director of Content Strategy and Business Development for digital channels at OnCue, an innovative television service funded by Intel and sold to Verizon, and the Head of Music Partnerships at YouTube. Elizabeth serves as a member of the Board of the Grammy Foundation and is a member of the Digital Advisory Board of Jazz at Lincoln Center.


Chris Grant

Chris is a designer at 8tracks. He's a bit of a polymath, who likes to learn and juggle a variety of disciplines. Chris bikes around San Francisco and does photography around the city in his spare time.


Drew Banin

Drew is a software developer interning with us for a few months. He recently moved to SF from Philly and doesn't really get microclimates. If he started a band, he would either call it "A Tribe Called ?uestlove" or "Fleetwood Mac Miller."


Ian Lozinski

Ian is a full stack engineer at 8tracks. As a New Jersey native, he likes pizza, motorcycles, and laying down funky grooves on bass.


Michelle Wu

Michelle spends her days delighting folks on email, Tumbling, writing social media posts, and working on 8tracks' college program. She is an avid fan of electronic music- mainly deep house and future garage. In her free time, she enjoys going to music shows, watching Adventure Time, and exploring the city.


Jason Waters

Jason has been given a number of unofficial titles by the team, his favorites being "Super Intern" and "Playlist Guru". He does various odd jobs in the realms of marketing, social media, and customer support at 8tracks and also occasionally attends Creative Writing courses at San Francisco State University. He plays drums in whatever band will have him. He likes electronic music and 90s indie rock and probably some other stuff too. His favorite artist is David Bowie.


Bhuvan Teja

Bhuvan is a software developer who moved from India to San Francisco. He loves coding, food and beer.


Josh Isenstein

Josh is a software developer interning with 8tracks before starting his senior year of college. Originally from Evanston, IL, he is a big fan of Chicago rappers, sports teams, pizza and hot dogs.


Stephen Valenta

Stephen drums up advertising revenue and organizes the finances. He studied music business and accounting at Belmont and Vanderbilt U's, then was a CPA at Deloitte for two years. After three months in Berlin, he speaks enough German to have fun, and he loves that so many weird Portland bands play in San Francisco.



Rory Smith

Rory does this and that, no one really knows. Then every so often he spurts out an Android update for everyone and people cheer. When he's not adding slick new features to the droids he likes playing his saxophone around midnight, in tune with the local alley cats. If you live in Bristol and listen veeery closely you might hear him one night, or catch a glimpse of his silhouette as he plays on the rooftops.


Annie Vainshtein

Annie is a journalism student from San Luis Obispo interning for the Marketing department over the summer. At any given time, you can find her wearing an egregiously oversized jacket her friends assured her "wasn't worth it". She will tell you what Myers-Briggs type you are whether you want to know or not, and she's spent more hours than she can count watching anime vaporwave skate videos. One day, she'd love to meet Kevin Drew. She has an outdoorsy complex and does not drink nearly enough water. She plans on planning to play drums sometime in the future.


David Johnson-Igra

Before penning a music blog, David made cassette mixtapes for friends. When he's not consuming music, he's trying to satiate his burrito hunger. Today, he helps grow 8tracks' music community.


Michel Pigassou

Michel moved from Paris, France, to work at 8tracks as a back-end developer. He used to play guitar a long time ago. Now he enjoys cooking and discovering new places in San Francisco.


Monika Tesiorowski

Monika was born in Poland, raised in Vancouver, and is currently in her last year of uni at Concordia University in Montreal while helping support the 8tracks community as our Customer Support Intern. She speaks, reads, and writes four languages (Polish, English, French and Spanish), so feel free to send her any questions you may have! When she's not working hard for 8tracks or school, she can be found traveling the world.


Chris Tung

Chris is a UX consultant focused on growth and experimentation. He comes to San Francisco from Malaysia via the Midwest and East Coast. He likes R&B and soul, systems thinking, economics, creativity, Liverpool FC, trying new food and watching his kids grow up.


Jonathan Barnes

Jonathan leads business development and partnership opportunities at 8tracks. A former jazz and rock and roll musician, he fell in love with underground house and techno during a fateful trip to a small island in the Mediterranean over a decade ago. After that he spent time in London as a DJ, and in New York as a management consultant, picking up a law degree in between. He co-hosts a weekly dance radio show in the Bay Area, and spends most of his free time plotting how to locate and gain entrance to the afterhours for Cocoon's closing party in Ibiza each year.


Dominic Militello

Dominic is an Account Executive in the New York 8tracks loft. Armed with a gregarious personality and a creative edge, Dominic builds strong partnerships with leading brands. He has a passion for hip-hop, coffee. and anything related to his hometown of Buffalo, New York. On any given Sunday, you can find Dom tailgating before his beloved Bills take to the gridiron.


Troy Keel

Troy is a Senior Account Executive in Los Angeles. He brings top national brands and 8tracks together so we can continue to deliver 8tracks to you. When he's not working, you'll usually find him playing beach volleyball, at a live concert, or at a bar complaining about the fact that LA still doesn't have a pro football team.


Peter Bui

A herder of the ones and zeros, a Texas Longhorn, and a blisters on my fingers guitar player (because he doesn't practice enough). Peter likes to spend his time in the dark corner of backend coding and server operations while poking his head out every now and then to wrangle some Javascript. He loves rock and roll, with two servings of americana sunny side up, a side of hip hop, and a dash of indie.


Greg Korn

Greg is a designer and illustrator living in San Francisco. He does design and copywriting at 8tracks and pursues high-functioning dilettantism in his off-time.



Randy Khalil

Randy is a data analyst at 8tracks. An East Bay native, he studied international relations at a college somewhere in New Jersey, and is glad to be back in San Francisco. When he's not in the office, he can be found learning a dead language, enjoying samples at high-end grocery stores, or liking pictures of cats on Instagram.


Neil Shankar

Neil is a designer/developer who works on frontend at 8tracks. He is currently a student at UC Berkeley, and is raising a kitten in his fraternity.


Jono Kane

Jono Kane is a San Francisco-based User Experience Design nerd. He enjoys all forms of design/UI/UX/FEE, webdev, synthesizers, bikes, music production, photography, and his awesome dog.


Peter Buettner

Music and Audio have always been Peter's passion and he's thrilled to get back to his roots. Peter spent 10 years working for radio stations and recording studios in Germany, where he's originally from, and even had his own studio for a while. Since moving to San Francisco, he's dedicated his time to developing all kinds of audio codecs and surround sound technology (good times) and is 8tracks' VP of Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys spending time on the water (sailing, rowing, swimming), skiing in the winter, and making music of all sorts.


Andrea Slobodien

Andrea is a musician and recent college graduate. Hopeless romantic and lover of all things music, traveling, and languages. And pizza. .


Jon Maples

Jon Maples is VP of Product for 8tracks. Previously he spent nearly a decade building product and audience at the streaming music service Rhapsody, and helped build several digital media services, including stints at extinct companies like Red Herring and Netscape.


Dustin Stansbury

Dustin hails from Asheville NC, the land of mountains, waterfalls, and beer. He recently received his PhD from UC Berkeley in something to do with neurons and statistics. He is now the primary Data Scientist for 8tracks. When not crunching numbers for the team, he's running, contributing to his nerdtastic blogs, or eating tacos in the Mission.


Duncan Smith

Duncan is a human experience engineer from Birmingham. He enjoys solving problems, and to his delight has discovered that people will pay him to do so under the pretense of writing code. He hopes to one day automate himself out of a job. His non-working hours are spent with his partner and son. Duncan is happier outside than in, unless it's cold.


Evan Falciani

Evan is an Account Executive for the New York office, and comes from the Jersey Shore (yes, that Jersey Shore). Just like every Jersey resident, he believes Bruce Springsteen is the chosen one. While he is not eating up every word the Boss writes, you can find him listenings to any kind of Folk, from Dawes to Dylan.


Matt Mayers

Matt is an Android Engineer from Indiana. His free time is spent learning as much as possible and jumping out of airplanes. He likes to find ways technology can augment his life, not dominate it.


Michael Todd

Michael is our Social Media Manager who had never had guacamole until this year despite growing up in NYC. In his free time he enjoys being a video game developer, pretending he is good at pool, and petting dogs even though he is allergic.


Doug Hoenig

Doug is a Senior Account Executive in Chicago. He was born and raised in Davenport, IA and ventured off to Iowa City to attend Univ of Iowa and majored in Journalism and Art. #GOHAWKEYES. Chicago has been his home ever since, where he's worked in the digital media industry for 10+ years, at such places as E! Online, CBSi Music/Last.fm, Crisp Mobile and most recently, SFX Entertainment. Music is a huge passion of his, bringing him to at least three festivals a year and many more shows. ACL/Austin City Limits is his favorite festival thus far and he's attended it the past 8 years. He's happy to be joining 8tracks and keep his passion for music and digital media combined as he's done in the past.


Dave Smith

David Smith is the VP of Sales of 8tracks. David has held leadership positions with One Mobile, a Media General Company, Amobee, ThinkNear, InMobi, and Millennial Media where he’s lead revenue, strategy, product, and team development duties. As a veteran of digital media he has served key roles in successful early stage startups developing go-to-market sales strategy and driving revenue. David’s day to day revolves around helping brands construct engaging programs on 8tracks, and scaling the efforts of the sales team.


Ethan Jud

Ethan is an iOS engineer who moved from Maine to San Francisco. He loves playing the fiddle, swing dancing, and local craft beer.


Kelley Scanlon

Kelley is a software engineer who grew up in NH on her goat farm. She loves cheese, craft beer, and model train set enthusiasts.


Anders Newman

Anders is a designer working out of the New York office. He previously designed collateral for aspiring musicians as well as for the publishing industry. Born and raised in Kansas City, he consequently has a deep appreciation for jazz, fountains and barbecue. Besides his keen interest in history and exploring what makes people tick, Anders is especially passionate about all kinds of music, art and skateboarding.


Katelyn Stone

Katelyn is 8tracks' Senior Account Manager in the New York office and hails from Brooklyn. All things Halloween, yoga, and discovering new music on 8tracks are some of her favorite pastimes. Some artists she could listen to at any moment include Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Roots.


Samuel Peterson

Sam is a longtime user whose fanaticism for 8tracks borders on pathological but earned him a spot on the team as our Community Manager.


Maximillian Piras

Maximillian Piras is 8tracks' Senior Designer and an artist, & illustrator from New York City. He is a lifelong lover of all kinds of music & always searching for something new. He loves skateboarding & cinema. He also runs an experimental clothing brand called Lost Cat.


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