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What is 8tracks Plus anyhow?

Ads help keep 8tracks free for everyone, but they don't cover everything. A large amount of our revenue goes to artists and labels to ensure they get paid. By subscribing to Plus, not only do you get unlimited, ad-free streaming, you directly support the artists you love and help us keep the lights on at the same time.

8tracks Free

Ads while browsing
Hear audio advertisements
Music pauses between playlists
Static images on playlists

8tracks Plus

+ Completely ad-free
+ No interruptions
+ Animated GIFs on playlists
+ Flashy profile badge
+ Support artists you love
+ Available on all your devices


When you sign up for 8tracks Plus, you get a 14-day free trial. We will NOT bill your credit card during that period, and you can easily cancel the trial from your Settings page at any point during that 14-day period without ever being billed. If you cancel during your free trial, your 8tracks Plus subscription will end immediately.

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