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baby's breath


concept: i wake up with my hand holding yours and sunlight streaming through slits in the blinds. I turn and your face is glowing. You’re still asleep and we are in love.

i love you, chanyeol.

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06— Your past is not mine to judge. Your past helped you become the amazing person that you are. Every time you look back, please remember that all that had happened lead you to me. Please remember that I love you now. Everything you tell me, anything we share will remain between the two of us.

22— Saying I love you with fiery passion is never an attempt at being romantic. It’s a stubborn pursuit of making you happy because you make me crazy happy. Life is not easy but having you makes it bearable and worth it. Raw and unguarded, I love you. It is so much more than what it means because “I love you” means you mean more to me than 3 words, 8 letters and 1 sentence said everyday over and over again.