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Chillstep library


Here is a playlists with chillstep tracks that can be found in the scarce 8 tracks library.
For comparison I have more than 400 similar tracks on my PC, but couldn't come up with more than 20 songs using the 8tracks library.
It contains mostly melodic chillstep from Blackmill, Killigrew, SizzleBird...

As usual, music like this is perfect for studying.

17 tracks
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Spirit of Life - Blackmail
Listen - Said the Sky
Deeper Still - Killgrew
Galaxy - SizzleBird
Unspoken Reality - Unfamiliar Identity
Everything - Said the Sky
Butterfly - Bassnectar
The Take Down - Dabin
Swimming in the Flood - Crywolf
Everything - Yinyues feat. Mimi Page
The Fall - Capox
Oh Miah - Blackmill
You - Killgrew
Wandering Seclusion - Unfamiliar Identity
Valley - SizzleBird
Inspiration - Capox

@8Cvetko I'd love to see your list of 400 tracks but I can't pm you due to my newbie membership status. Is it possible for you to pm me with your email or dropbox link or similar please?