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Life of an Army Wife... To stand among the silent ranks


Waiting for a deployed soldier, marine, sailor, or airman is hard, heart-wrenching, and not something anyone can do. Not many people take into consideration the struggles that spouses and familes go through while their serviceman/woman is away. So please, pay respects and be thankful for what our men and women in arms do as well as their spouses and children.

I hate this life but I love my soldier and my country.

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thank you for this mix. although i may just be 17, i have been by my soldiers side since before he was a soldier. he has been my rock and i will continue to be his. he leaves on his first tour in december and i am terrified. stay strong. and thank you

Hello, Id just like to say thank you. I am also a 'soldier's girl'. Going on three years of hardship and many many more to come, Id just like to offer you my appreciation and support, from one army-girlfriend to another. I dont know you nor will I ever meet you, or whether you are American, Canadian (as I am), the gf/wife of an officer or an ncm, were all in it together. Stay strong, stay patient, and remain understanding and appreciative to your man and the army, etc.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your response. This life certainly isn't easy but somebody has to do it and I'm just happy to stand by my soldier. "Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman" that's a part of one of the songs I included in that playlist and, although I don't feel as if I'm stronger than my husband, I do believe that I am just as strong as he is. We are soldiers among the silent wars. Stay strong as well sis!

My boyfriend has told me once that he does believe I'm 'emotionally stronger' than he is. However you are completely right about being as equally strong. Just in different ways! All the best, happiness and love for you and your husband! s my email if you ever want to chat! cote_natalie@hotmail.com