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go out and ❤ someone


It's pounded in my brain often enough
Asleep and awake in the drowsy, fantasy moment in every lonely dawn

Oh it's just the sudden realization, you see here, of the matter that I love you

Four Tet

500th mix
Thank you all for the infinite support, your brilliant mixes, each and every play tally, and the countless ❤'s along the way.

Andrew Blank

11 tracks
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Heya! Sorry for the delayed response! Oof...good question -- I think a lot of these have been on my computer for the longest time and I just have them by accident. Otherwise, I scour youtube/soundcloud and hand pick 'em from there...which can be a pain lol

really really good. perhaps the most favorite of your mixes yet. thank you and yes, please DO keep em coming.

Thank you SO much for listening and the support - it's definitely not going unnoticed! I'll keep 'em coming, but I'll try and make each one as good as the last :)

Aww thanks man -- yeah, this one, just as a collection of music and no ego whatsoever, had me, and I just felt like it should have one more go!

This is the last of my 20 re-releases. Out of all my mixes, this one is my favorite...It's my only playlist that I've kept on my music library, and I keep coming back to it day after day. I did tweak this one to add a bit more depth, but the same swirling, dizzying, euphoric spirit of the original has left untouched. Again, thank you for all of the love and support. And I'll keep crankin' these bad boys out ;)