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a glimpse of autumn


There you were, bundled up in that ragged old sweater, holes in the sleeves, a scarf draped about your neck, fighting off autumn's first chill. As the wind swirled about your shoulders time seemed to stop. Those chestnut locks hung about you like some effortless halo, boldly brightened by that autumnal sun. Our eyes connect across the street, your brown into my blue, and in that moment I came to realize that I would remember you forever

18 tracks
6 comments on a glimpse of autumn

This is such a nice, pleasant, cozy playlist, I really like it! And the description is beautiful, too. Every time I read it, I can picture the moment more and more clearly - it just gets better with time! :)

That's what I love about your mixes. Real thought and heart goes into the selection of songs. And yes, the writing spectacular. Makes me wish you did individual song annotations. :)