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History of Rock & Roll Vol. 1: Early influences pre-1950s


Rock & roll evolved in the USA from genres such as blues, jump, jazz, gospel music, and country music. In this first volume, you'll have the rare treat of listening to the very earliest influences of rock & roll tracing all the way back to the early 1920s. These songs and stylistic approaches set the stage for the rock & roll explosion during the 1950s. Many of these songs were covered by 50s bands although they were more than 20 years old at the time!

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Ok starting part 1 now. lets see if i can make it through your entire history of Rock & Roll collection. Looking forward to it

@stuffsticks Thanks, and I hope it's educational as well as enjoyable!!! If only 8Tracks had a "Notes" feature where I could publish papers, it would be so great! I'm going to suggest it. In some of my mixes there are interesting stories and anecdotal information that would be a nice complement to the collections but there's not enough characters available in the description field. I hope you'll check in from time to time and let me know how you're enjoying it, and please share with your friends too! Thanks for writing and have a great weekend!