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you've got a beautiful brain but it's disintegrating [Castiel]

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This makes me so sad and yet it's so in tune with Cas, like he's not a happy person and I hate that because he deserves to be happy. I relate to Medicine so much and every time I hear it I start crying because damn depression is a bitch and Cas is definitely depressed after season 11. Nonetheless this mix is beautiful, Medicine just triggers me a bit

no it was absolutely incredible. thank you so much for it. you really just appealed to his emotions. it takes alot for me to have an emotional reaction to something. its a good thing :)

this mix causes me both physical and emotional pain. actually started crying because i so relate to castiel. this mix was absolutely beautiful. it wrecked me, but in the best way possible. seriously, this is the mix i have been looking for. and adding medicine by daughter? that is like my song of all songs. sorry i know i am rambling, but this truly was fantastic.

Oh my gosh I am so sorry this mix caused you pain. Medicine is my song of all songs as well, I'm in love with that song so much and it's so End'verse Cas. Thank for the amazing feedback and I'm sorry the mix wrecked you!