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you are made of galaxies.


star-stuff is in your veins.

your marrow.

bright, shimmering globes shattered, imploded, drew in on themselves, to create the glory of you.

lean back, take a deep breath and look upward to the night sky and your far-off kin. and feel the wonder of them, and you, and our universe.

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Oh man...I'm only one song in and I love this playlist. I was in the middle of doing an assignment when 'Futari no Kimochi' played and I felt all the tension vanish. I'm super hyped to hear the rest!

This is an absolutely beautiful playlist. Reminds me of those breezy nights when I'd just sit outside and admire the stars and moon... Thank you for making this! :)

I've been using this to help get over the stress of school starting, and I love it. The To the Moon track caught me totally off guard. Thanks so much for making this!

Hi guys. I'm going to be adding this note to all my mixes. I no longer monitor my mixes as much as I should since I'm a full-time student, and if you notice a song is missing, I'd rather you comment with the title instead of fuming about a song I "added" because it's annoying for you. It sounds harsh, but I did leave a note on other mixes before that when a track is removed from Soundcloud, 8Tracks may add in another. Thanks for helping.