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sing us your love song


you meet, you fall in love, you travel together, you betray your crush to an evil yarn witch and he runs away into the night, you search desperately for him for days, you find him, you have to let him go- basic first relationship milestones. a 10-track vocal mix for beatrice and wirt.

[EDIT: because of some weird soundcloud bullshit, the track 'skinny love' by birdy has been replace by 'train song' by feist]

  • 02 - The Bird And The Worm ( Band- Owl City) ( Album- Ocean Eyes ) by user722374594
  • little ghost (cover) by The White Stripes
  • Absentee by Jack Campbell
  • Devil's Flesh & Bones by Eliza Rickman
  • Train Song—Feist and Ben Gibbard by inula99
  • Laughter Lines Bastille (Cover) by Lee Rasdall-Dove Music
  • Laughter Lines by Bastille
7 tracks
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