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1 comment on Essie

Hello, allzabug. A wonderful mix this is. I think you did an amazing job capturing the real essence of a rather unique character that is both whimsical and foreboding at the same time, just as the music in this playlist is. From the eerie musicbox-like pieces that chime an ominous tune all the way to the more emotional and intimate songs of Sleeping At Last, you really did a wonderful job at showing the different sides of what seems to be a really complex and--ultimately--a perfectly strange character such as Essie. I was thrilled to find this diverse sort of music to be what you connect Essie with, as I have never figured anything more perfect. The arrangement as well left no part unfitting or strange to hear, you did an amazing job with it. I really enjoy the comic, with the fantastic drawings, the diverse set of characters, and of course the gripping storyline. I really do find it wonderful how you supplied the comic with such varied characters in so many different ways. It is not seen very often at the degree in which you have done, and I must say I was thrilled to see it. But Essie remains one of the most special to me, seeing that she is a witch, but a very different one at that. A lot of people manage to mess up a witch character, either making them stereotypical or downright poorly executed. But Essie is different. She is complex and rooted in various thoughts and ideas. She has her own plans and goals that make for a new take on a witch, which means a lot to me. And the music choice that you have made certainly seems to fit with her, based on what I have seen so far. I would certainly love to see more playlists from you for more of your characters. Especially Norn. They are my favorite character, and I think a mix for them would be awesome. Great work with the comic AND the playlist. Stay Sentient, allzabug...