Allison Arrgents
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♡ Let Him Go ♡


❝What do you want, Lydia? Just tell me.❞
❝I want you to be happy,❞
❝But you don't want me with Malia.❞
❝I just want you to be happy..❞

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i admit i'm not a lydia/stiles fan, but i have been listening to a lot of mixes like this because about a week ago, my partner, who i have been with for two and a half years and even have a daughter with, decided he was going to leave me. he finally decided to stay, under certain conditions like i actively work to "get better" from my mental illnesses, which were what was destroying our relationship... i get very scared, and afraid, though, that i won't be able to do that, and he will finally leave for good. so i listen to these mixes, to help me cope in advance in case that happens in the future, which i fear it will... i even almost expect it. very, very beautiful mix, but a lot of yours are. you definitely have a talent for choosing the right songs, a gift. also? that birdy cover of "let her go" is one of the best and most beautiful covers i've heard in a few years... so i thank you for including it. i'm going to admit as well that this mix actually made me a little more interested in the idea of stiles/lydia, probably because of my own personal feelings and it's a perspective i never thought of them from. very good mix, all around.