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wasted potential: the series!!


for that one show that you love but can't keep watching. for that other show you love in theory but in practice, it makes you want to scream. for fridged female characters, "bury your queers," and token poc who don't apparently exist outside their white bffs. for every plot-line that's been cast aside, forgotten, or otherwise dropped and left for dead. for all the traumas never dealt with and every gifset tagged with, "you deserved so much better." for every show you wish you knew how to quit.

20 tracks
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this fanmix is awesome, my sister and I just used it as a christmas cookie-making soundtrack! But you might want to know that a few of the songs got replaced by soundcloud impostors: rolling in the deep, toxic, and maybe some others. There's an option to change a song back to the original upload at the bottom of the little popup that appears when you click edit.