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The Big Noise in an Afternoon Theater


These tracks are for those times when you're not needed by anyone, so you wander around town to enjoy the hours that just belong to yourself. I do not have too much experience with jazzy/bandstand/swing/boogie music, but those are the genres that fit the tone I'm going for. I just chose the songs I do know that fit that vibe. I am not going to pretend I know a thing about music; I just know what I like and what makes my day a little better when I hear it. Enjoy! ;)

*Photo of Edward Hopper's New York Movie (1939)

21 tracks
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Fantastic - love the Hopper artwork too. Perfect.

@Destination DooWop That is kind of you to comment. :) Also, I always feel like Hopper's work tends to do a fine job of portraying the little moments of loneliness/wistfulness experienced in life and conveyed through music. But that's just my two cents on the subject. Happy listening!

Very nicely done! I am enjoying this immensely, and it looks like I'm not the only one! Wow....Gold rating in only 6 days....amazing, and congrats to you!! ☺☺☺

@cldisme I am happy you enjoyed the playlist! I also am flabbergasted at how quickly people started flocking to it. I hope the playlist brought you bliss or at least feelings of catharsis. :)