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Whickety Whack Vol. 5


Props to Jenn Im (clothesencounters on YouTube) for sharing such a wicked taste in music. I also added in some songs I like that happen to have the same feel to them as the Jenn music. Enjoy! ;)

*I switched it up a bit. The first 30 songs are songs I dig that reflect Jenn's taste while the rest are straight from her videos.

Links to Jenn Im's content:

21 tracks
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Since Sept. 28, 2015, most of my tracks are no longer available. I do not have the money to buy every single track that needs to be replaced for every playlist, so I will be purging every playlist of the non-available tracks to try to make the number of tracks and the length of time for each playlist to match up better with the actual content. Unfortunately, all of the playlists are going to remain as the purged and shorter list of tracks because of the lack of personal funds and time. I have not been active on the playlist producing side of 8tracks for a while, so the new updates on playlist compiling and soundcloud integration was a bit of a bummer. ;P I will try to make new playlists that will comply with the more recent rules, so my playlists no longer go from 100 tracks to 51 tracks. Sorry for the trouble, and here's to you, me, and the music that binds people together. ;)