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dreams of the east


a mix dedicated to the influence of the near east (or at least the idea of it) on 19th century opera and classical composers, particularly the Russians (Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Ippolitov-Ivanov), as well as a few actual near eastern pieces

8 tracks
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I absolutely love this playlist !! Thank you so much @annamay98 . What are you studying in Germany btw ? Is learning German a requirement to study there ?I want to do bachelors in engineering over there in a public university. Can you please guide me a little bit ? Thank you once again !

@mahdiskesha haha, yes! I saw photos of the Golestan palace during my art history class and I was just blown away. Have you ever been to Isfahan? Our textbook had quite a few photos of it and it looked so beautiful.

@annamay98 That makes me feel kinda proud to know that you have pictures of my country in your textbook,haha! and I wonder where are u from? // and yes I've been to Isfahan, its such a beautiful city. but Im living in Shiraz and its kinda like Isfahan. If you are interested in Isfahan you can check this page

@mahdiskesha I'm American but I'm living in southern Germany.... pretty, but in a more knights and castles sort of way, haha :) thanks for the instagram link btw! I've never been to the proper near east so instagram is about as far as I'm getting for now