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american born confused desi


although i've lived in america almost all my life, i still fantasize about mass holi celebrations and falling in love through a garba sequence.

a few of my fave nri targeted bollywood songs + western based indian artists!

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@mickeysinghs LMAO NO IT'S TOTALLY FINE! aarti ova here lol. ok this is probably v awk but did you ever have like an i-f or tumblr? your name sounds extremely familiar

@ishqyaun WAIT IS THIS LIKE AARTIPARTY FROM I-F??? YUSSS! I'm 5secsofsummer. on I-F now, and like I used to be on tumblr. I used to be paintthetown on I-F, if that helps :P

@mickeysinghs YES YES IT IS OH MY GODDDD. and i was ishqyaun/bekhabar/other urls on tumblr but i deleted as well. I DON'T RLY USE I-F AT ALL ANYMORE BUT I REMEMBER YOU I REMEMBER WE'VE HAD INTERACTIONS BEFORE AHHH. dis is so cool lol

@ishqyaun omgggg, so darn cool! I CANT BELIEVE ITS YOUUU! you're not on tumblr anymore? dang that's sad, you were hella creative with those edits and gifs.

@mickeysinghs ahhh dude this is great i swore i recg. that name ahah. noo i'm not :P the place was toxic tbh the whole bwood fandom was and is still going downhill. i liked the old days. but thank you ahah! haven't done anything on ps in the past 4 months

lol finally got around listening to this. I'm on the 2nd track and im already in love. AND SINCE WE'RE LIKE 8TRACKS BUDDIES I'LL KEEP COMMENTING TILL MY FINGERS DROP YAAY