Hey you :D
Music's fucking inspiring to me and it means the world so respect each other and tell good jokes because every one on this planet has a reason to collapse in an uncontrollable mess of tears. I really only want to live a life of live music, good food and travel if that's too much to ask so I'm determined to have just that. Right now I spend my days writing music, producing music and playing out sometimes but I'm really on an important task to change people's lives with music because I know that it has the ability. Trust me, Ive seen it happen ;) I'll never forget seeing the Mowgli's in concert as they promoted their campaign to prevent suicide. They collected donations in glass container in back by the merch table where a very nice girl stood selling t-shirts excitedly. I could've cried because I realized that art is just as important as anything and could change lives just like doctors prevent illness. Music plays a very important part in our lives. The music I'm interested is music that come from artists with a passion for sound, not money, because that is the very thing that gives music the power to take control of our bodies.
I love you so fucking much :)

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