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Anti-Procrastination Station


Get that hot beverage of choice, plug in those earphones and GET SOME WORK DONE! Over 100 songs to keep you calm and focused, whether it be exams or not!

85 tracks
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This playlist is amazing. There were so many times that I stopped for a moment just to enjoy the beautiful melodies. And all of them are perfect after each other. Well done, and thank you!

This was the very first playlist I listened in 8tracks when I met it... and years after, with hundreds of lovely mixes listened, this one is still my favourite for studying. Thank you very much!

At first I thought it was a boring track to listen to when writing my various books b/c it was all instrumental, but when I tried songs with words I discovered I was only concentrating on the words, not my writing. I'm now back on this track and can I just say it's a freakin life-saver! Thank you so much! P.S. Another Harry Potter fan in the house! ;)

^ Oops. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I first discovered this phenomenal playlist back in grade ten, when I was desperately trying to tackle my new course load. Not only did it work, but I fell head over heels with several of the composers featured, and suppose I will always love their work! Anyhoo, here I am in grade twelve - weeks away from graduating with a fair bit left on my plate. But I'm not all that stressed, because as always - I have my cup of tea and your mix to get my through! So this is just me saying cheers - you may be living your life in Dublin, but you've really helped one girl in Canada actually focus long enough to get where she wants to go, and for that - I'm always going to be grateful. I know I'll be listening all throughout uni as well : )