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ENFP: The Musical


This one goes out to the ENFPs; the optimists, the hopers of improbable hopes, the dreamers of far-flung dreams.
Yes, I know I just poached a Doctor Who quote but, like your ESFP "cousins", you guys are so skilled at creativity and communication that there isn't much else that I could think of on my own to say about you that you guys couldn't say better than me.

25 tracks
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As a person who is head over heels for an ENFP, listening to this Playlist makes me smile so so much. Thanks for composing this Playlist for us all to enjoy! Your Myers Briggs Musicals are my favorite tracks online!

i love both musicals and meyers-briggs typology,so this entire collection is going to beso perfect!! i'm starting here because i'm an enfp, but you can be assured i'll listen to all of these eventually.