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but at least the war is over.


there will be days when it is hard. there will be days when you feel that you cannot go on. there will be days and weeks and months like this, when your bones will feel too fragile to hold your weight and your memories will flood your brain with terror and sorrow. there are some things that you will never be able to get back. never make right again. but you'll survive, you'll push through the pain, you'll live, live, live. and one day, in the distant future, there will be a time when you wake to the morning light and although you carry so much death inside you, so much that can never forget, you'll be okay. you'll be happy. and sometimes that's all that we can ask.

[ a post-war fanmix for the soldiers of the rebel alliance. ]

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this is a wonderful mix. i don't often see people talk about the aftermath of the rebellion and all the trauma those who lived through it would carry with them