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I'm Your Protector

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I am an only child and I have always wanted to be an only child but like some months ago I got this weird need to have a brother.... I watched alot of movies about brothers and brotherly friendships and I missed that. Growing up I was always just around girls and I was totally fine with that (one of them even is my gf today) but I missed having a guy friend. I was always bullied for just hanging around girls. In junior high I meet a guy in a class and slowly and surely we became friends and even really good friends. I got alot other friends too but he stayed one of the most important. Later to when I started having these brotherly feelings I was blind. I was looking for someone online to be like a brother to me but I had forgot I already had one. I have told him this and we are really close now. I would do anything for my bro. This plalist was one of many I used to listen to and cry to sleep with but now when I listen to it I am happy I have found what I was looking for :) Thank you!