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Chaos (rock/new wave/oldies/bollywood)13

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thanks @Ogun!! i'm glad it wasn't too hard on the ears... i like a bit of chaos every once in awhile. thanks for the listen!

the prototype lp, i'm actually only really familiar with that one song on the album. i should re-listen to that album too! i remember not being totally into the rest of it but i'm willing to give it another shot. i'm glad you liked the bollywood and poppy family. it felt weird putting those two types on here but i had to do it. it just fit somehow in my mind... thanks for listening!!

hey @cat_dentures! that's so funny you say that about the title... i thought the same thing! i titled this mix and then went back and checked and alas, i have no other mix entitled Chaos... weird. i can't believe you know my mixes that well that you noticed that too! :)